Digital eBooks

Some regular questions that people ask.

  • Are digital books better?
    • Personal preference but ebooks are definitely more convenient if you like to have a few books on hand at any one time. 
  • Are ebooks cheaper?
    • They are generally cheaper but not always
  • Are digital books better for the environment?
    • An e-reader represents not just one book but an entire bookshelf, so having more books on the e-reader reduces the environmental burden per book.
Positioning your Personal Brand

Wonderful entrepreneurship and marketing book that will help you differentiate yourself from others, positioning your personal branding in a fantastic journey of professional rediscovery that will allow you to consolidate your personal brand in a competitive market through love brand developing the maximum of your human potential. becoming a leader of reference and a person of influence

Discover your Purpose and Find your Destiny

Extraordinary self-help and self-improvement book that will help you discover your life purpose and mission in a fantastic journey of personal rediscovery that will allow you to connect and synchronize with your destiny, allowing you to become the best version of yourself and develop the maximum of your potential human to the next level inspiring you to live a life centered on principles

Discover your Purpose and Find your Destiny

Wonderful entrepreneurship book that will help you set goals and define your objectives in a fantastic journey of professional rediscovery that will allow you to understand the basic principles of strategic planning to achieve your dreams step by step inspiring you to live an extraordinary life centered on principles and centered on your life purpose.

Stop Your Dog Barking

Dogs love to bark – it’s in their nature and sometimes it can be helpful. But what if it’s not? What if it’s just plain annoying?? What do you do then? How do you stop your dog barking all of the time? I’ve written this guide to help you learn some simple techniques that anyone can do, which will enable you to train your dog at home.

Witchcraft Second Degree. Wiccan Themed.

Witchcraft – A 2nd Year in the Craft. This course will introduce you to the basics of Witchcraft with a Wiccan fusion. Step-by-step beginner exercises are included to help you start your journey safely and to show you exactly what to do in order to achieve your full magical potential. Plus, you can apply for a Certification of Completion for 2nd Degree Witchcraft.